Waterproof Enclosure (Junction Box)

Waterproof Enclosures for electronic and electrical components.

Keep your internal electronic and electrical components safe with VSM Plast waterproof enclosures. We offer indoor and outdoor solutions for your waterproof and weatherproof enclosure applications. VSM Plast waterproof enclosures are designed to meet and even exceed various enclosures safety and protection standards of IP requirements.

Our material options offer ABS, polycarbonate, Polyester, FRP, Die Cast Aluminium Enclosures. A variety of accessories are available for the waterproof enclosures during installation such as cable gland, Nylon Lock & Key, Hinges, Mounting Brackets, Blanking Plugs. Our waterproof enclosures are ideal for industries such as renewable energy sector, farming, beverage & food, marine, oil & gas sectors, etc.

Being based in Maharashtra and industrial city of Pune we are familiar with the needs of perfectly sealing waterproof enclosures for electrical assemblies and to provide superior protection from atmospheric and saline corrosion. Our Die cast aluminium enclosure adhere to IP65 & IP66 safety and protection enclosure standards submersible (for brief immersion in water) or waterproof enclosure ratings. Options for an aluminium line of aluminium enclosures include mounting brackets, hinged covers, and Blanking Plugs.