Terminal Enclosure (Junction Box)

VSM Plast is a preeminent manufacturer and supplier of terminal enclosures (Junction boxes) made in thermoplastics like ABS, polycarbonate, polyester, FRP, and PVC and metal form in Die cast aluminium that are side mounted integrated terminal box.

Our aluminium and plastic enclosures were devised mainly for the fitting of modular terminals on DIN rails or the fitting of electrical components. The main feature of terminal enclosures is their optimal and non-tip mounting options for the fitting of a DIN rail, and they are available in various sizes and materials. We also provide accessories that match with DIN rails, rubber feet or wall brackets during installation. And available with & without gland plate to give you more flexibility with our enclosures installation.

Terminal Enclosure to House Any Kind of Sensitive Equipment

Terminal Enclosure (Terminal Box) is a container for any kind of sensitive internal elements and because the delicate nature of electric circuits needs protection from the outside environment. Terminal enclosures are inherently hard, solid and waterproof, flameproof which makes it operable inside concrete wall or even underground. These terminal boxes are painted, or powder coated with a light colour to control the increasing temperature from inside and outside of enclosures/terminal Boxes.

The ABS terminal enclosure is useful for wiring trunking applications and power control connections. ABS terminal enclosures are in Ivory or Grey with a thick cover or Grey with a Clear Polycarbonate cover. Our weatherproof terminal enclosures are built to last with the ABS Enclosures rated for IP65 and the aluminium enclosures rated for IP67.

They are often used in industrial machinery, robotics, commercial wiring, low voltage control systems, the solar industry.

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