Conduit Cable Gland (RAAL7001)

Our range of corrugated pipe glands is ideally suited for use where a number of wires are to be passed through a single panel port or machine part. Cable Glands perform a number of essential roles in cable management. Designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable ad the device its connected to.

They are often located in hazardous or harsh environments where they need to contain dust, dirt and fluids.In addition to this, their job is to stop cables becoming twisted or pulled to ensure a secure connection and contiual performance.

Sr.No Product Code AD(mm)
1 PG-9C AD13.0
2 PG-11C AD15.8
3 PG-13.5C AD18.5
4 PG-16C AD21.2
5 PG-21C AD28.5
6 PG-29C AD34.5
7 PG-36C AD42.5
8 PG-48C AD54.5

Technical Specifications:

  • Protection Spec: IP 55.
  • Material : Polyamide
  • Color : RAAL7001
  • Temperature Resistance : -10 to + 80 C

Conduit Pipe

Sr.No Product Code Specification
In Dia x Out Die (mm) Bending R (mm)
1 PG-7P AD10.0 6.5x10.0 16
2 PG-9P AD13.0 10.0x13.0 20
3 PG-11P AD15.8 12.5x15.8 30
4 PG-13.5P AD18.5 14.3x18.5 40
5 PG-16P AD21.2 17.0x21.2 45
6 PG-21P AD28.5 23.0x28.5 50
7 PG-29P AD34.5 29.0x34.5 60
8 PG-36P AD42.5 36.0x42.5 70
9 PG-48P AD54.5 48.0x54.5 90
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