ABS Plastic Enclosure for electronics

We offer premium quality ABS Enclosure Box that is manufactured from quality raw materials to ensure its durability and utility. We also meet customized requirement and offer our range at industry leading prices.

Advantages of ABS Plastic Enclosure Box:

  • ABS plastic is easy to machining with standard tools.
  • Colouring is easy through pigmentation.
  • ABS provides good resistance to chemical attack. Because of its strength, ABS also has a long lifespan.
  • It has excellent insulating properties.
  • ABS is a two-phase polymer blend that produces a good all-around performance for electronic enclosures. For the reason, ABS is used in most cases in our ABS range. It is best suited for use in enclosed places.
  • ABS can be used as low temperatures as -5 ℃.
  • It is typically polymerized through the emulsion, though a lot of ABS plastic is formed through the recycling of other ABS plastic. This adaptability makes it an excellent material for recycling. It can go through several processes of recycling without significant degradation.

Specifications of abs junction boxes:

  • Type : Junction Box, Distribution Box
  • Material : ABS
  • External Size : 200*100*70

Technical Specifications:

  • Protection Spec: lP65/66 acc DIN EN 60529/ DIN 40050
  • Material : ABS
  • Rubber Seal : Foamed Neoprene Seal
  • Color : Light Gray (RAL 7035) (Special colors on request)
  • Installation Temperature : -5 ℃ to +80 ℃
  • ABS Enclosure Price:₹ 100/no

ABS Junction Box Sizes:

Sr No. Product Size (LxWxH/Depth)
1 VS-553 AS 50 x 52 x 35 mm
2 VS-563 AS 50 x 65 x 35 mm
3 VS-805635 AS 80x56x35 mm
4 VS-805655 AS 80x56x35 mm
5 VS-808240 AS 80x82x40 mm
6 VS-808245 AS 80x82x45 mm
7 VS-808250 AS 80x82x50 mm
8 VS-885 AS 80x82x55 mm
9 VS-808280 AS 80x82x80 mm
10 VS-888 AS 80x82x85 mm
11 VS-501035 AS 50x100x35 mm
12 VS-501060 AS 50x100x60 mm
13 VS-801235 AS 80x120x35 mm
14 VS-815 AS 80x120x55 mm
15 VS-818 AS 80x120x85 mm
16 VS-901365 AS 90x130x65 mm
17 VS-80165 AS 80x160x55 mm
18 VS-801670 AS 80x160x70 mm
19 VS-801685 AS 80x160x85 mm
20 VS-801610 AS 80x160x100 mm
21 VS-801855 AS 80x180x55 mm
22 VS-801870 AS 80x180x70 mm
23 VS-801885 AS 80x180x85 mm
24 VS-801810 AS 80x180x100 mm
25 VS-80215 AS 80x210x55 mm
26 VS-802360 AS 80x230x60 mm
27 VS-802385 AS 80x230x85 mm
28 VS-802375 AS 80x230x75 mm
29 VS-802310 AS 80x230x100 mm
30 VS-101040 AS 100x100x40 mm
31 VS-101060 AS 100x100x60 mm
32 VS-101080 AS 100x100x80 mm
33 VS-101010 AS 100x100x100 mm
34 VS-117 AS 122x125x75 mm
35 VS-101550 AS 100x150x50 mm
Sr No. Product Size (LxWxH/Depth)
36 VS-101570 AS100x150x70 mm
37 VS-121455 AS 120x140x55 mm
38 VS-121470 AS 120x140x70 mm
39 VS-121410 AS 120x140x100 mm
40 VS-127 AS 120x200x75 mm
41 VS-129 AS 120x200x90 mm
42 VS-121750 AS 125x170x50 mm
43 VS-121765 AS 125x170x65 mm
44 VS-121785 AS 125x170x85 mm
45 VS-121710 AS 125x170x100 mm
46 VS-151575 AS 150x150x75 mm
47 VS-151510 AS 150x150x100 mm
48 VS-181860 AS 180x180x60 mm
49 VS-181875 AS 180x180x75 mm
50 VS-181810 AS 180x180x100 mm
51 VS-181811 AS 180x180x115 mm
52 VS-212160 AS 210x210x60 mm
53 VS-212185 AS 210x210x85 mm
54 VS-212175 AS 210x210x75 mm
55 VS-212110 AS 210x210x100 mm
56 VS-142260 AS 140x225x60 mm
57 VS-142275 AS 140x225x75 mm
58 VS-142290 AS 140x225x90 mm
59 VS-142210 AS 140x225x105 mm
60 VS-1259 AS 160x250x90 mm
61 VS-12515 AS 160x250x115 mm
62 VS-192813 AS 190x280x130 mm
63 VS-253085 AS 250x300x85 mm
64 VS-253011 AS 250x300x110 mm
65 VS-253015 AS 250x300x150 mm
66 VS-282813 AS 280x280x130 mm
67 VS-253017 AS 250x300x170 mm
68 VS-304014 AS 300x400x140 mm
69 VS-304019 AS 300x400x190 mm
70 VS-304022 AS 300x400x220 mm