Junction Box Manufacturer

VSM Plast is a preeminent junction box manufacturer (based in Pune) and supplier of quality and durable Waterproof Junction Box that can withstand wear and tear of Indian weather and can withstand harsh sun rays in the states like Maharashtra.

Owing to our stringent quality measures, that includes EU conformity standards and ISO standards, we are confident that our range of polymer Plastic junction box which covers Polycarbonate Enclosure, ABS Enclosure, FRP Enclosure and Polyester Enclosure (Glass fiber reinforced polyester) is at par with the international standards and meet the demands of our clients.

Junction Box Standards that give guaranty of quality, safety and durability:

With quality and safety assurance standards such as IP65 junction box rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle and IP 67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour and it will still work.

VSM plastic junction box are accredited with IP 65 for ABS Junction Box, Polycarbonate Junction Box and for PVC junction box and IP 67 for Polyester (FRP) Enclosures.

We offer a range of die cast aluminium enclosures with IP 67 enclosure protection for Electrical Enclosure (Junction Box) which require fewer resources to maintain and easy installation process.

DIN rail enclosure are often used for measurement, control, and instrumentation purposes, and the inclination is for mounting on standard DIN rails. Such demands are often individual, that's why a wide array of DIN rail enclosures is required and so VSM Plast manufacture and supply to meet an ever-growing requirement by our customers.

Whether they are made of Polyester, FRPor die cast aluminium Enclosure, with or without a bus connection, with or without air vents, while the spectrum of products for this special type of enclosure is enormous.

What should you check before choosing a junction box manufacturer?

Enclosure Cover

Junction Box

The enclosure cover can be set to transparent so clearly monitor the status of the equipment inside. In thermoplastic enclosures, the whole cover is either grey or transparent. Grey covers are available both in ABS and polycarbonate. Transparent covers are available only in polycarbonate. VSM Plast terminal enclosures are also made of die-castaluminium. Modular enclosures come with a hinged window available either in smoke-grey or transparent.

Enclosure walls

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The material thickness of our thermoplastic enclosures is greater than that of similar products in the market. This helps in the machining of threads. In addition, the usage of e.g. push buttons on the cover is safer since the material is more rigid. The bases of polycarbonate enclosures with knockouts have been manufactured using high-grade polycarbonate in order to add rigidity to the enclosure walls and to make it easier to knock out the cable entries. We have a modular tooling structure, enabling cost-efficient mould modifications. This is especially efficient when making customer-specific holes and cut-outs in a large series of enclosures.


Junction Box

We use injected, jointless PUR (polyurethane) gaskets in our thermoplastic and aluminium enclosures to ensure a high protection class. The standard gasket material of our aluminium and polyester enclosures is silicon.

The gasket that we use has the following temperature operating variations:

  • Polyurethane: -40-+80°C
  • Neoprene: -40-+100°C
  • Silicone: -50-+150°C

Mounting Plates

Junction Box

Our mounting plates are made of Bakelite material as standard. The material thickness of the plates varies between 1.5 - 3.0 mm, depending on the size of the plate. On customer request, mounting plates can be available materials such as stainless steel or non-conductive material. We customise mounting plates according to the customer's configurations, e.g. with threaded holes and cut-outs. Mounting plates are included as standard in our VSM Plast E and EO wall cabinets made of aluminium.


Junction Box

Our range of standard VSM Plast enclosures includes hinged wall cabinets in thermoplastic and aluminium. The position of the hinges can easily be changed from one side to the other in the case of VSM Plast Enclosures, even as the final operation at the installation site. All our enclosures can be hinged on request. Hinges can be found among our accessories. Our offering also includes hingedcover screws available for VSM Plast enclosures and the VSM Plast panel building system.

Locking and Sealing

Junction Box

All our enclosures can be locked or sealed if necessary. The VSM Plast E and EO wall cabinets made of aluminium contain locks as standard. Our range of accessories includes different lock options. VSM Plast thermoplastic wall cabinets can be locked with a padlock, without any other accessories. The covers and the cover screws of VSM Plast S, C, O, W thermoplastic enclosures are equipped with sealing holes, through which the enclosures can easily be sealed.

Enclosure Cover Screws

Junction Box

Thermoplastic enclosures have several cover screws options. These can be seen among our list of accessories. The enclosures are equipped with slotted/cross head screws as standard. VSM Plast enclosures come with metallic cover screws. Hinged cover screws are available for the VSM Plast O and C thermoplastic enclosures and VSM Plast P-panel building system. Thanks to these innovative screws, the cover can easily be opened, even if it is in the middle of a panel, and the cover screw.