Die Cast Aluminium Enclosure (Junction Box)

We, VSM Plast is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminium die cast enclosures with highest ingress protection rating IP 67 which is certified by independent lab testing. The enclosures are designed to fasten the safety and operation of sensitive electrical assemblies in adverse working conditions, which makes us the go-to choice for your enclosure requirement..

The aluminium die cast enclosures are accredited with German Standard DIN EN 60529 / DIN 40050 & enclosure standard, IP 67 i.e. the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour and can resist temp. up to 200 °C. Die aluminium enclosure series is devised to house DIN-rail mounted terminal block and several types of sensors.

Our custom designed pressure die casting mould system can implement and deliver customer-specified requirements into enclosures.

The following tables some of the possibilities for individual custom-designed features in aluminium enclosure bases and covers:

  • Flanges and other openings
  • Fastening pods
  • Frames
  • Cooling ribs
  • Logotypes and texts

Why should you choose Die-Cast Aluminium enclosure over other material?

Die-Cast Aluminium boxes are remarkably versatile, they are immune to corrosion (can be coated for added resistance) and can achieve the higher level of ingress protection (IP 67/68) than plastic enclosures could offer and are lighter if compared to other metals like stainless steel; accordingly, they are more suitable for demanding settings such as saline waters, water treatment plants. The key benefit of aluminium enclosures is their EMI/RFI protection, which is crucial for areas (like cities) with a high level of sound pollution. Junction Boxes also offer a series with enhanced EMI/RFI protection and are essential to eliminate high frequency emitted emissions. Our die-cast aluminium enclosures are available in a variety of sizes with ingress protection that suits your requirement, with added an EMI/RFI protected series.

Technical Specifications:

  • Ingress Protection: IP 67 acc DIN EN 60529 / DIN 40050.
  • Material : Die cast aluminum
  • Rubber Seal : Silicon Seal
  • Color : Gray & Light Gray (RAL 7035) (Special colors on request)
  • Temperature Resistance : -200°C
  • Size : W-10, W-12, W-14, W-16, W-20
  • Price:₹ 185/no