Flame Proof Enclosure (Junction Box)

Since 2006, VSM Plast is a preeminent manufacturer based in the industrial city of Pune and supplier of a wide range of flameproof enclosures and junction boxes in Maharashtra and India.

What is a flameproof enclosure (Junction Box)?

When people hear flameproof enclosure, they confused it with fire resistant but it actually represents the protection from explosions that befall within the enclosure, it will either contain the escaping flames or mitigate the risk of igniting an explosion outside of the box by providing a cooling path to flames.

When it comes to so-called flameproof enclosures there is a lot of confusion. Ex d or flameproof means that an enclosure or junction box manufacturer is certified to the construction of explosion protected according to flameproof standards.

On the other hand, Ex e denotes that enclosure supplier is certified to explosion protected in accordance with increased safety standards. Ex e increased safety boxes are normally manufactured from engineered plastic and are generally suitable for surface applications. Ex e is usually a less expensive method of protection than ex d. You can contact us for more information on plastic enclosures or can send inquiry for quotes.