Aluminium Enclosure (Junction Box)

We are a renowned Aluminium enclosure manufacturer and supplier in a wide range of Aluminium Enclosures (Junction Boxes) manufactured from quality tested raw materials known for its excellent quality, durability, dimensional accuracy, and shock resistance. These are widely used in Electric and Electronic industries nationwide.

Aluminum has a high impact resistance with a wide temperature resistance range and excellent corrosion resistance while the relative weight of aluminium is only about a quarter of that of steel.

Aluminium Enclosures Junction Boxes:

VS-45503AL 45x50x30 mm
VS-58643AL 58x64x34 mm
VS-64983 64x98x34 mm
VS-75805 75x80x57 mm
VS-64135AL 64x150x34 mm
VS-80125AL 80x125x57 mm
VS-118AL 100x160x80 mm
VS-10108AL 100x100x81 mm
VS-80175AL 80x175x57 mm
VS-80225AL 80x250x54 mm
VS-12128AL 120x122x81 mm
VS-12129AL 120x122x91 mm
VS-12228AL 120x220x81 mm
VS-1229AL 120x220x91 mm
VS-119AL 160x160x90 mm
VS-1269AL 160x260x90 mm
VS-221AL 200x230x110 mm
VS-139AL 160x360x90 mm
VS-232811AL 230x280x110 mm
VS-233011AL 230x330x110 mm
VS-233018AL 230x330x180 mm

Technical Specifications:

  • Protection Spec: IP 67 acc DIN EN 60529 / DIN 40050.
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Rubber Seal : Silicon seal
  • Color : Gray & Light Gray (RAL 7035) (Special colors on request)
  • Temperature Resistance : 200°C
  • Size : Various Sizes i.e W-10, W-12, W-14, W-16, W-20.
  • Price:₹ 185/no