FRP Enclosure (Junction Box)

VSM Plast is an ISO 9000:2015 certified manufacturer of plastic injection moulded parts and fabricator of custom injection moulds for fiberglass reinforced plastic enclosures(FRP Enclosures).

We are offering fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosures modular system range of double insulation boxes (IP 67, means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour) made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP box) and has been specially designed to build up complete low-voltage switchgear and control gear panels by joining different boxes together.

FRP Enclosures are corrosion resistant and flameproof and withstand adverse weather conditions. These enclosures are lightweight and robust. Their main characteristics are that they are UV resistant and extremely strong with an impact strength comparable to that of aluminium enclosures. As well as this they are non-corrosive which makes them ideal for installation outside or in harsh circumstances.

These enclosures can be machined and customized to your required specifications. With inherent self-extinguishing and UV resistant features, VSM Plast enclosures are used to protect electrical assemblies and equipment from corrosion, chemical intrusion, mechanical shock, freezing, and weather.

Advantages of FRP Enclosures:

  • VSM Plast enclosures shield your valuable equipment from any adverse situations as they are manufactured from hot compression moulded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP).
  • FRP is a complex composite material consisting of a polyester resin base with organic fillers to help flow and to obtain special physical characteristics such as UV resistance, halogen-free, and self-extinguishing properties. Additional additives are used to provide for proper consistency and pigmentation of the resin base.
  • Glass fibers, which make up one-fourth of the overall compound, are sandwiched between two layers of the polyester resin and are impregnated into the resin base by an elaborate roller system. This process produces a very uniform, high strength material.
  • VSM Plast practices the advanced process for moulding its enclosures. Our hot compression moulding process presents a better flow of material into tight corner areas than the cold moulding process. This produces a durable end product with consistent Quality, allowing the glass fibers to run in every direction. Injection moulding only allows the glass fibers to run in a single direction.
  • VSM Plast FRP enclosures are lightweight, durable, dustproof& watertight and non-corroding. They are an excellent alternative to metal enclosures. VSM has years of track record of producing these quality products.
  • In any the condition; either it is washed down, rain, condensation or windblown dust, VSM Plast has the FRP enclosure to fit the application.
  • With Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) enclosures from VSM Plast, field modification is very easy.
  • For cost-effective corrosion control & resistance (Acid rain, salt spray or acid), FRP enclosures are a better solution than other non-metallic enclosure from VSM Plast.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Hot-pressed glass fibre reinforced polyester (SMC)
  • Density : 1.7 g/cm3
  • Max Voltage : 380 V
  • Max Current : 30 V
  • Mounting Type : Wall Mounted
  • Temperature Resistance : max 100 ℃
  • FRP Enclosure Price:₹ 320/no