Polyamide Cable Gland

We’re supplier & manufacturer of a wide range of polyamide cable glands like plastoid polyamide cable glands, metric polyamide cable glands, PG polyamide cable glands, etc., which are manufactured this product from quality raw materials. We are basically known for its glorious quality, sturdiness and shock résistance, these are widely used in nationwide electric and electronic industries. We also fulfill the customized requirement for the benefit of our customers.

Why choose us For Polyamide Cable Gland?

We have the best Polyamide Cable Gland that manufactured under the specialized engineers. These are widely used in different industries for various instrumentation and control devices. It provides a safe and quick connection of cable and wires in various industries ranging from manufacturing, measuring and controlling equipment and machinery to electronics, automation, electricity and robotics.

Advantage of Polyamide Cable Gland:

  • Extensive product range: different versions for each application
  • Reliable signal transmission - 360 ° shielding in the atmosphere with electromagnetic interference
  • Large seal area and high stress relief force


  • Reliable & safe
  • Good durability
  • Wide clamping range
  • Liquid tight
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Technical Specifications:

Cable Glands - PG
Model Cable Dia Hole Dia
PG7 3-6.5mm 12.5mm
PG9 4-8mm 15.2mm
PG11 5-10mm 18.6mm
PG13.5 6-12mm 20.4mm
PG16 10-14mm 22.5mm
PG21 13-18mm 28.3mm
PG25 16-21mm 30mm
PG29 18-25mm 37mm
PG36 22-32mm 47mm
PG42 28-38mm 54mm
PG48 35-45mm 59.3mm
PG63 42-50mm 72mm
Cable Glands - Metric
Model Cable Dia Hole Dia
M12 3-6mm 12mm
M16 5-10mm 16mm
M20 8-13mm 20mm
M25 11-17mm 25mm
M32 15-21mm 32mm
M40 19-28mm 40mm
M50 25-35mm 50mm
M63 35-45mm 63mm