Din Rail Enclosure (Junction Box)

DIN-rail enclosures manufacturer and supplier offer a simple and economical way to centralize the mounting of products through DIN rail enclosures, generally used for measurement, control, and instrumentation applications, and the preference is for mounting on standard DIN rails. Such applications are usually specific, so a broad range of DIN rail enclosures are required – VSM Plast meet the requirement of customers through a wide dimension of Din Rail enclosures. Whether they are made of plastic or aluminium, with or without a bus connection, with or without air vents: the range of products for this special type of enclosure is immense.

As electronic components have moved into the area of industrial controls, demand for integration with existing devices has grown. Oftentimes it is needed to seal or segment specific elements or to develop techniques to install those components in a way that will not impede the integrity of the unit and its capacity to be used in hazardous or dirty conditions. One of the most successful techniques is using a din rail and din rail clip that contributes excellent flexibility in solving this obstacle.

VSM Plast has recognized that there is demand for various types of din rail enclosures to meet these distinct applications. VSM Plast holds a whole series of enclosures that offer different options in protecting electrical assemblies and equipment with ease of installation and can be easily adjusted. A din rail enclosure provides several different features, but all have a clip each mounted on the base or moulded into the base that allows them to lock onto a din rail, which is a “hat” shaped strip of metal, usually an extrusion. Here is a general model of a din rail and an enclosure that mounts on that rail.

VSM Plast's din rail enclosures incorporate plastic terminal enclosures that have the capacity to mount printed circuit boards (PCBs) either horizontally or vertically, a din rail mounting box, and a multi-board din rail mount box that allows for the mounting of up to multiple boards of varying sizes. Each of these is offered in numerous sizes and configurations. Also offered are clip kits that can be joined to the base or side of the enclosure to allow virtually any box to be mounted to the din rails. VSM Plast also extends din rails as an accessory to facilitate the user experience.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Protection Spec: IP 65 acc DIN EN 60529 / DIN 40050.
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: White
  • Installation Temperature: -5°C to 80°C
  • Temperature Resistance: max 100 °C
  • Mounting: Available with additional clamps
  • Price:₹ 100/no